Chicken Coop Build Part 7 – The End Is Here!

Hope everyone had a great Memorial Day!

We have been very busy all weekend trying to finish the run and get the chicks outside. Today was finally the day!


We framed the two sides of the run in the garage so I could paint in there. The rest of the building was done out back. The ground wasn’t level enough so we had to do a little digging to make the run sit right. It’s attached to the coop with 4 corner brackets.

We’ve never built this kind of a roof before so we kinda made things up as we went along. (with a bit of help from Google and


This was the start of putting up the hardware cloth (also known as the Devil’s Cloth). Now I know why people call it that, it is such a pain to work with!20150522_170536

While Mike was busy working at the new fire station Saturday, I had put the hardware cloth around the base of the coop and the rest of the run, then painted the framing for the door and the 2×4’s across the run. I forgot to paint the entrance to the run before attaching the hardware cloth and it was too much of a hassle using a paintbrush so I bought spray paint instead. ¬†Got all the screws and washers done too. Oh, and I made the door. It was in the garage drying at this point.20150525_103406

The dogs were very “helpful.” Oliver especially loved laying under the coop and sleeping =)20150525_103419

99% done! I didn’t get any photos of the roof building since we needed to use all of our hands. It was relatively painless. We rented some panel shears from Menards for $24/4rhs to cut the roofing sheets. It wen’t much quicker this way. Though it was hard to get them all cut perfectly. The panels would move a bit while being cut even with me holding them down.20150525_191501

Mike says the part under the roof looks bad not painted, I guess I’ll be doing that when the weather dries up.20150525_191509

I bought a nipple waterer at Theisen’s. Too busy to make one. I did make 2 pvc feeders though, not entirely the way they should have been made but we made one of them work inside the coop. I might need to cut and redo the second one so it can be outside.20150525_191518



Here they are settled in!20150525_191732

This is Buffy. She was the most curious one. Mike took her out and put her in the run on the other side. She seemed to really like it. The other girls took quite a while to come down the ramp.20150525_191736

Next up, chicken cam!


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